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By Dr. Radmila Samardzija
December 27, 2011
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Whether acute or chronic, heel pain is one of the most common foot complaints with no discrimination regarding age or gender.  Plantar fasciitis is the number one culprit of heel pain.   The plantar fascia is a fibrous band of tissue that supports your foot and the plantar arch.  When inflamed from the stress and strain of daily life or poor shoe gear, the effects can be hobbling.  The good news is most heel pain can subside with proper treatment.  

What can you do at home?

1.) Ice the heel 15 minutes twice a day in the morning and evening. 

2.) Stretch your calf muscle.

3.) Take an over-the-counter NSAID, such as Aleve or Ibuprofen.

4.) Avoid going barefoot and wear a supportive gym shoe.

If you are still having pain, schedule an appointment for a full evaluation.  

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