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Posts for: January, 2015

In the United States, 3.8 million people endured winter injuries in 2014. Every day, 25,000 Americans sprain or fracture their ankles. During the winter months, ice easily forms in spots we may not see, causing us to roll or twist our ankles into unnatural positions, resulting in an injury. The ankle joint is especially vulnerable to serious injuries in icy conditions because ice accelerates the fall, causing more trauma to the joint.

Many of us hit the slopes to enjoy the snow. Although skiing is a widely accepted sport, serious injuries can occur from it. Ankle sprains and ankle fractures (‘talus fractures’) are the most common skiing and snowboarding ankle injuries. These injuries can occur from the foot being bent up towards the leg or by rolling an ankle under the foot.

For those who are not skiers or snowboarders, ice and snow can still be a hazard to everyday activities. Whether you are shoveling snow or going out for a walk, we are not always able to tell how slick a surface is, which makes it easy to slip and fall. The most common winter injury that is non-sports related is an ankle sprain (an inversion sprain). This occurs when the ankle rolls over onto the outside of your foot. This motion causes the anterior talo-fibular ligament to be sprained.

Sheldon Fleishman, D.P.M., P.A., has offices located in Overland Park, KS, and Blue Springs, MO. If you’ve endured an ankle injury, call us today for an appointment to assess the severity of the injury. 

Foot and sole fitThe average person walks approximately 110,000 miles in her or his lifetime, which is the equivalent to five times around the Earth. Like having a quality mattress, quality shoes are important to one’s daily wellbeing. Yet people continue to purchase poorly fitted shoes for fashion, price or other personal reasons. Foot pain can be prevented or reduced by choosing to wear properly fitted shoes.

Feet are the foundation for the entire body and contain one-quarter of our body’s bones. When shoes are not fitted properly, an array of problems can occur: bunions, corns and calluses, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, heel pain, arch problems and a variety of other problems. Poorly fitted shoes not only affect your feet but also have an impact on overall health. Wearing ill-fitted shoes can cause pain in your neck, back, hips and knees.

There is a direct correlation between our feet and spine stabilization. Custom-made foot orthotics are designed for spinal stabilization. They specifically support the natural arch, help our feet maintain normal position and help control foot function. This helps stabilize your spine, which improves posture and spinal alignment, improving overall health for your whole body.

Feet are the foundation to the essential function of your entire musculoskeletal system. Wearing custom orthotics is beneficial to your entire well-being.

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