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Posts for: May, 2015

Healthy Feet

Summertime and sandals are synonymous. And we all want pretty feet to slip into those sandals don’t we? After the neglect of winter, our feet may need pampering, and will definitely need protection from the sun and heat of summer. So how do I get those pretty, happy feet? Dr. Sheldon Fleishman provides these tips for being nice to our feet in preparation for summer and sandals.

  • Wash your feet daily, and dry well, especially between the toes
  • Use a moisturizing cream on your heels instead of a pumice stone
  • Take care not to trim your toenails too short
  • Don’t go barefoot in the gym or locker room, or outside
  • Massage the bottom of your feet by rolling a golf ball under your foot
  • Use sunscreen on the tops of your feet when you’re out in the sun
  • Always wear some type of footwear to protect the soles of your feet from hot sand, cement or other hot surface
  • Allow blisters to heal on their own – don’t pick at or pop them
  • At bedtime, apply moisturizer, put on socks and let the moisturizer work while you rest

For happy, pampered, protected feet, when you wear shoes, choose those that fit well, with toe room and arch support. Wear good walking shoes that fasten firmly on your feet and have thick padding under your feet. Don’t allow the shoestrings to be too tight on the top of your foot. And break in new hiking shoes before you wear them on the trail. And always wear clean, dry socks.

Dr Fleishman is a licensed and board certified foot and ankle specialist with offices in Overland Park, Kansas (913-381-55150), and Blue Springs, Missouri (816-228-9393). For high-quality foot care, call Dr Fleishman. Have the happy, pampered and protected feet you’re pleased to slip into appropriate sandals this summer. Call today for information or an appointment.