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Posts for: July, 2015

Juvenile Arthritis |Dr Sheldon FleishmanNo known cause has been discovered for Juvenile Arthritis (JA), and an accurate diagnosis can be a long and difficult determination. Dr. Sheldon Fleishman has made it his priority to relieve the pain of his patients, and those young ones suffering the symptoms of JA are no exception.  

Juvenile Arthritis is a term used to identify a variety of autoimmune diseases that can develop in children ages 16 and younger. More than half a million children in the United States are affected by this association of diseases. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) affects nearly 50,000 American children, and is considered the most common form of arthritis.

Each type of Juvenile Arthritis is distinctive, and presents its own specific concerns and symptoms, but symptoms common to each variation include joint pain with swelling and stiffness, redness, and warmth. Other symptoms are rashes that come and then disappear on various parts of the body, and fever that spikes and dissipates. This disease may affect the musculoskeletal system, and may also involve one’s skin, eyes, and gastrointestinal tract. Some types of JIA affect the whole body. Others affect only a few joints. The disease may be short-lived, chronic, or last a lifetime.

No single test can confirm any type of Juvenile Arthritis; and an accurate diagnosis is difficult to obtain. There is no known cause for most forms of JA. Some research has suggested a genetic predisposition for the disease, so the patient’s family medical history is vital as well as a thorough physical exam. Early diagnosis is of the essence.

While there is no cure for Juvenile Arthritis, treatment can bring relief from symptoms, help control pain, restore the use of joints, and slow down – even prevent the occurrence of joint damage. Most treatment plans combine the use of medication with physical therapy and a healthy diet.

Fighting Juvenile Arthritis as a family can motivate every member to be healthy. Physical activity is a benefit to one and all. Activities that involve everyone strengthen family bonds and encourage a bright outlook.

You don’t have to fight Juvenile Arthritis alone. Dr. Sheldon Fleishman will come along side your family providing support and treatment. Call today for an appointment. Dr Fleishman will work with you to find the answers you need; answers that bring comfort and relief through a specific treatment plan that works best for you. Contact our office in Overland Park at 913-381-5515 or in Blue Springs at 816-228-9393

Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries | Dr. Fleishman

June is National Safety Month! Dr. Sheldon Fleishman is joining in the celebration by providing some general information and tips to help you prevent foot and ankle injuries.

The most common injuries of feet and ankles are sprains and fractures. A sprain occurs when an injury pulls, stretches, or tears the ligaments that connect bone to bone in the foot or ankle. A fracture is the actual breaking of a bone in the foot or ankle.

Most sprains and fractures of the foot and ankle occur during sports activity. Runners, dancers and gymnasts are more likely to experience these injuries. Trips and falls are other major causes of foot and ankle sprains and fractures.

Preventing foot and ankle injuries is the best medicine, as the saying goes. Three simple suggestions will go a long way in protecting you from injury:

  1. Before physical activity, spend a few minutes in warm-up exercises.
  2. Footwear appropriate to the activity will help protect your feet and ankles.
  3. Avoid uneven surfaces whenever possible, and when you can’t take extra precaution.

Symptoms of a sprained or fractured foot or ankle include

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Difficulty with weight-bearing and walking

If you suffer a foot or ankle injury followed by the symptoms above, then it’s time make an appointment to see Dr. Sheldon Fleishman. Until you can be seen, these home treatments will protect your injury and lessen the pain.

  • Rest – stay off the injury to avoid injuring it further
  • Ice – use a bag of frozen peas or corn on the injured area to lessen inflammation
  • Compression – a snug wrapping of the injured area with an elastic bandage is suggested; don’t wrap it too tightly
  • Elevate -  prop your injured limb with pillows to a height higher than your heart to decrease swelling
  • Pain relief – take ibuprofen according to the instructions on the bottle

Dr. Fleishman will help give you relief to the pain in your ankle or foot. Call 913-381-5515 in Overland Park, and 816-228-9393 in Blue Springs to schedule an appointment. From routine check-ups to surgical procedures of the foot and ankle, Dr. Fleishman provides superb skill and wisdom when you need podiatric care.