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Posts for: March, 2017

One condition that might not be on your mind until you experience it is fungal nails. Unfortunately, once you get fungus in this area, it can be hard to get rid of the problem, so preventing it is key. Dr. Sheldon Fleishman, foot doctor in Kansas City, MO, offers these tips on how you can prevent fungus and keep your nails healthy.

1. Keep Your Nails Dry

The first thing to know is that fungus tends to gravitate toward warm, dark, wet places, so keeping your nails dry is the best defense against fungus. Anytime you wear gloves on your hands or shoes on your feet, make sure they're breathable. If they get wet, take them off and dry your nails as soon as possible.

2. Be Careful When You Clip Your Nails

It's important that you cut your nails straight across. This way you're not giving fungus an easy opening to get to the nail bed underneath. This is also why you should avoid chewing your fingernails.

3. Don't Go Barefoot

Avoid walking barefoot in public areas that are known for causing nail fungus. These include public swimming pools, bathrooms and locker rooms. Make sure you bring some sandals or flip flops to wear in these public places.

4. Get the Right Shoes

Make sure your shoes fit you correctly. If they're touching your nails, they're too small. And be sure to have more than one pair of shoes so you can alternate if one pair gets wet.

5. Keep Your Nails Clean

One of the best ways to avoid fungus on your toenails is to wash your feet every day. You should also keep any place your feet touch clean and disinfected, including your shoes, socks and your shower.

6. Choose Nail Salons Wisely

Some people end up with nail fungus after getting a manicure or pedicure from a dirty salon that does not use safe and clean procedures. Make sure the salon you choose uses fresh, clean tools for every customer and has up-to-date health inspection documents.

If you end up with nail fungus despite these tips, you can buy over-the-counter treatments at most drugstores in Kansas City, MO. If these don't work for you, though, your next line of defense is a visit to Dr. Sheldon Fleishman, a Kansas City podiatrist who cares. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.