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Posts for: June, 2017

Flat feet can be a drag, particularly if you don't want to become a couch potato. Some people have flat feet from birth, but you may also develop the condition as the result of a torn tendon, obesity or aging. No matter why you have flat feet, your fallen arches can result in swelling and pain. The good news is you don't have to live with pain. With the right footwear and exercise plan, you can remain active.

Choose the Right Footwear

The right tennis shoes can make all the difference. Choosing the right ones can stop your feet from becoming achy throughout the day. With the help of a podiatrist, you can choose inserts for your shoes that support your arches.

Exercises for Flat Feet

With the right shoes on your feet, you're ready to get out there and break a sweat. There are several stretches that will strengthen your flat feet, reducing the likelihood that you'll pull something and potentially improving your mobility.

Can Roll

This simple exercise helps stretch the bottom of your foot. Just put a can of soup (or any canned good) under your foot and roll it from your toes to heel and back again. A few minutes on each foot will suffice.

Calf Stretch

Keeping the back of your legs sufficiently loose keeps your ankles more limber, and ultimately helps compensate for your flat feet. Stand with your foot against a wall, slowly leaning in until you can feel a slight pull. Hold the position for 15 seconds on each leg, repeating a few times.

Towel Grab

A towel grab is a quick way to train your flat feet, hopefully building an arch. Put your foot on top of a flat towel and use your toes and foot to crinkle the towel, and then make it flat again. Repeat a few times.

Using the right footwear and stretches, you can remain active even with flat feet. If you still find the impact of running too painful at times, try adding an activity like biking or rowing to your routine. Need a doctor's advice? Visit fleishmandpm.com to connect with a podiatrist for even more tips.

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