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Ankle Sprains, Ankle Injury Dr. Sheldon Fleishman Blue Springs, Missouri

Whether it’s an ankle sprain due to a sports-related injury or a fracture or torn ligament due to a fall, ankle traumas are painful and debilitating issues that can lead to serious problems in the future if not treated properly. October is National Physical Therapy Month, and Dr. Sheldon Fleishman wants to help you on your road to recovery from your ankle injury with these strengthening exercises.


4 Ankle Strengthening Exercises

  • Resistance plantar flexes will target the soleus muscle, a muscle in the lower calf that helps you point your toe downward.  Take a resistance band and loop it around the forefoot and hold on the ends of the band.  Pointing your foot away while slowly allowing it to return to a resisting position.  When performing these plantar flexes becomes easy, you can increase the strength of the resistance band or progress to full calf raises.
  • Calf raises will not only strengthen your calf muscles but will also help to improve balance at the ankle.  Your calf muscles consist of the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles, which control foot and ankle function.  This exercise is performed by rising up and down on the toes in a smooth movement. Aim to do 3 sets of 10 and steadily add more sets each day.
  • Ankle ball rotations will help you to improve your proprioception and strengthen your ankle by rolling a ball in a counter clockwise motion.
  • Resisted eccentric inversion exercises are important in preventing re-injury of the ankle.  When this exercise is done properly with a partner, it will help strengthen the muscles that stabilize the ankle just at the point where it would roll over or sprain.

Consult with a foot and ankle specialist to ensure that you are ready to start strengthening your ankle after experiencing an ankle trauma. Working with your healthcare provider will ensure that your ankle has healed enough to perform the exercises correctly without causing further injury.

If you or someone you know has sustained a sprain or fractured ankle injury, contact Dr. Sheldon Fleishman today. Dr. Fleishman will work to evaluate the severity of your injury and determine the best treatment plan for your recovery.  Call to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations.

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