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Bunions is a deformity at the base or side of the big toe caused by a deviated joint. The deviation causes the foot to be irritated by your shoes, causing friction and pressure. The constant friction and pressure pushes the big toe toward the other toes, which can lead to deformities such as hammertoes. The leading cause of bunions is wearing shoes that are too tight for your feet.

As bunions form and the area continues to rub against the shoe, the bunion continues to grow and enlarge with each step. If left untreated, arthritis of the joint may occur, leading to chronic pain over time.

Bunions do not simply heal, but require proper treatment from a foot and ankle specialist. The goal is to relieve the pressure that causes pain and to stop the progressive enlargement of the joint. Correct fitting shoes, protective padding in the shoes, removal of corns and calluses, exercises to maintain joint mobility and surgery are commons treatments for bunions.

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