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Flat feet is a condition where the arch on the inside of the foot flattens out and touches the floor when standing. Flat feet often form in infancy when the arch does not develop normally. Flat feet usually cause no additional symptoms or issues of the feet or ankles, but pain is sometimes associated with the condition. If you experience pain due to flat feet, you should schedule an evaluation with Dr. Fleishman, foot and ankle specialist in Blue Springs and Overland Park Missouri.

If pain due to flat feet progresses, the inflammation of the surrounding tendons may lead to tibialis posterior tendonitis or adult-acquired flatfoot.

Treatment for flat feet includes anti-inflammatory medication, icing, physical therapy, supportive taping, bracing and orthotics.

Contact Dr. Fleishman if you suffer from chronic pain due to flat feet – Overland Park: 913-381-5515 or Blue Springs: 816-228-9393.