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Maintaining an active lifestyle is dependent on good foot health, especially for senior citizens. The four principles to proper foot care are as follow:

  1. Proper Foot Hygiene: Keep your feet clean and dry by washing and moisturizing them daily. Purchase shoes that allow your feet to breathe to avoid foot fungus and infection.
  2. Regular Foot Inspection: Even with proper foot hygiene, foot issues can still arise. Calluses and blisters can lead to wounds that can become infected if left untreated. By visually inspecting your feet regularly, you will be aware of any changes in your feet, such as small cuts, irregular coloration of the feet or any other changes with the look for feel of the feet.
  3. Toenail Care: Properly caring for your nails is vital to foot health. Keep your nails trimmed properly and regularly to prevent ingrown toenails and infection. Always cut toenails straight across and file away sharp edges.
  4.  Proper Footwear: Proper, supportive shoes are important to your foot health. Shoes that protect and support your feet and ankles, such as walking shoes, helps to keep your feet safe from blisters and heel and arch pain.

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