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Your children’s’ feet are in a state of constant change and require special care to avoid issues later in life.

Infant Care: Baby’s feet change quickly during their first few weeks and months. As the bones form, the feet are extremely flexible, so too much pressure or strain can affect the shape of their feet. It’s important to allow your baby’s feet and legs to kick and stretch freely, and to have shoes and socks that don’t squeeze the toes too tightly.

Toddler Care: When toddlers begin to walk, they begin to develop their gate. Many toddlers walk pigeon-toed or land primarily on their heels or toes. Most children grow out of this habit, but pay close attention as they begin to walk to determine if there are any problems.

If you require care for your infant or toddler with the healthy development of their gait, contact Dr. Sheldon Fleishman for a consultation – Overland Park: 913-381-5515 or Blue Springs: 816-228-9393.