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Poor foot circulation, also known as peripheral vascular disease (PVD), is a result of blocked arteries that move blood to the feet. Symptoms of PVD include pain and cramping of the feet and legs, as well as weakness and numbness of the feet. Skin commonly looks red and shiny. Poor circulation is common among patients with diabetes, leading to slow-healing sores and possible infection.

Other problems can lead to poor foot circulation, including those who smoke, those with high blood pressure, those with high cholesterol and those who are overweight. If left untreated, poor circulation can lead to infection, gangrene and amputation.

Poor circulation to the feet can lead to unnoticed feet injuries. Following a daily foot regimen can help prevent injuries from becoming worse and can help to avoid infection. Check your feet for calluses or cuts and take appropriate action if needed. Clean and dry your feet daily and wear comfortable, properly-fitting shoes to avoid rubbing.

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